Three Cheers for Vitamin C!

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Three Cheers for Vitamin C!

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Think back to your childhood. What’s the very first vitamin you learned about? Chances are pretty good that it was vitamin C. We all need our daily dose of this nutrient, but why? How is vitamin C good for us and how do we get it?

Vitamin C plays a role in our metabolism, immune system, eye health, and may even keep wrinkles at bay. It helps our bodies’ tissues develop and repair and keeps our teeth and bones healthy and strong. It’s one of the many nutrients that assist in our bodies’ most basic functions.

Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that protects the cells in our bodies. It may help prevent some forms of cancer and heart disease. It’s a powerhouse vitamin worthy of its universal acclaim.

What makes it even better? The foods we eat provide plenty of this healthy nutrient.

veggies with vitamin c

Getting enough vitamin C is simple. A ¾ cup glass of orange juice has a whopping 97 milligrams. Don’t like citrus? No problem. Half a cup of red bell pepper has 95 milligrams. A cup of cooked broccoli has 74 mg, and a cup of cantaloupe 59 mg.

Your little ones up to age 13 don’t need as much of this vitamin each day as older teens and adults. Just half a cup of orange juice gives their growing bodies all the benefits of this amazing vitamin.

Vitamin C may be the most kid-friendly vitamin there is, packed into foods most children love. It’s in so many delicious foods that it’s easy for even the choosiest eater to get plenty in their daily diet. Add some strawberries to a smoothie. Use bell peppers and broccoli to dip up hummus. Make some homemade lemonade or lemon infused water.

At Fairfax Food Service, we make sure to include fruits and veggies with our meals to help your children get their daily dose of vitamin C. Three cheers for this notable nutrient!  

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